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The Human Science Institute

The Human Science Institute
is a transdisciplinary learning community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to creating a humane and ecologically sustainable global future through education and research. Founded by Human Science scholars, researchers, students, and professionals, HSI supports the work of those responding to the challenges of our times by promoting a transdisciplinary framework that respects the multiplicity of views and ways of knowing in our diverse global community.


  • Convenes scholars and practitioners in education and research conferences, meetings, events and other activities
  • Provides academic and professional education grounded in a transdisciplinary social science perspective
  • Supports independent academic and professional research and programs responsive to current environmental and social problems, acting as a fiscal agent for grants and projects
  • Offers a communications and networking platform to connect scholar-practitioners working on diverse contemporary issues

For more information, please continue to our main site.

This subsidiary site offers online education and the Institute's journal, Human Science Perspectives.

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